Friday, February 10, 2012

Dream Chemistry performance at Storm Wisdom

From our latest CD "Images of White", this Dream Chemistry performing an intimate unplugged set at Storm Wisdom in Phoenix! 

A Magical evening for all who participated!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CD Review by newclassicmusicfortomorrow

Dream Chemistry ~ Images of White

     Dream Chemistry -Images of White sends one back sailing though time to when music seemed more in tune with the world around it. From the halcyon days of the San Francisco hippiedom with bands like It’s A Beautiful Day, Victoria and Stoneground who were taking a more acoustic approach to their sound, Dream Chemistry is well learned. In England, at close to the same time, bands like Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Fotheringay with their female vocalist tread similar ground. Dream Chemistry mixes a folk rock sound with a soft dreamy vocalist who meshes well with the easy going sound that the band produces. The songs blend together into a collage that pulls the listener along with each change in the musical style. There is no genre for this type of band.

     They are more hybrids of sounds, Folk with rock music leanings or a dreamy trip into a world of the past. But Dream Chemistry has meshed their style into their own sound. With each track the vocalist gets better, with each track the songs get stronger and the musicianship is always top notch. Track five, Three Legged Horse, which is an instrumental track, pushes the thought home more than some of the other tracks at this point in the CD and shows the relationship between Irish jig and the English folk traditions. They are basically one in the same from an American point of view. But don’t get the idea that this band is not playing modern music. You Groove Me has a warm vocal feel that haunts back to the days of the female pop singers of mid sixties. Smooth and clear with warm tones that show the strength of the vocal quality, backed by a soft romantic quality to the violin and the acoustic guitar. Perfect Life is a pop track with a smoothness that few artists ever lay down in the studio. The guitar work with its swirling sounds and the wonderful vocal truly remind me of the aforementioned bands.

     Here in 2012 where talent is left on the side of the road and hype is the key to success, now is the time to start listening to real music. Dream Chemistry is one soulful band that arrives at a universal sound that has been played before but not like this. The individuals bring that uniqueness to their parts that add up to a whole that few artists achieve.

     There are many artists playing without a truly defined sound. Playing in bands and finding the right combination of musicians is as challenging as creating a musical release that truly captures what the band is about, yet Dream Chemistry have delivered on track after track. Destined not to be a forgotten part of the past without a hit single, the track Perfect Life will capture American listeners in ways the other tracks cannot because of their eclectic nature. Perfect Life is a modern pop hit that never loses sight of its place in the context of the overall band sound. This is a modern day classic release that you should buy and listen to right now today. In ten years people will be pointing back at this release and saying what a great record it was.

your copy of IMAGES OF WHITE can be purchased at: ITunesCD BABY

Sunday, January 15, 2012

P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon music guide

Dream Chemistry

Soulful female vocals and a violinist help Dream Chemistry stand out on the local folk/singer-songwriter scene. Dream Chemistry also works in elements of jazz and prog and have, in fact, suggested that you call their sound "organic jazz."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dream Chemistry -Respite Under the Sun 12-10-11

This is a live performance of Dream Chemistry - Respite Under the Sun. This was recorded at Dream Chemistry's CD release performance at Next Coffee Co. on Dec 10, 2011.

Respite Under the Sun was originally recorded and released by Jimmy Caterine, Louis Lamp and Michael Jordet on the the compilation CD, Tracks Across Time in 2006.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents "The Wind" By Dream Chemistry

Dream Chemistry's single "The Wind" finds nature to be full of music. The uplifting nature of the song is paired nicely with the beautiful landscapes shot on location in Arizona (one should expect nothing less). The sun is used several times in overlaid shots, adding additional symbolism to the rising sun and sun-drenched hills. The band is a colorful cast of characters, with long black hair or a straw hat and quirky looking instruments. They look as if they just appeared out of the desert dust, an effect reinforced by the opening scene where each instrument fades in, with the musicians' name floating across the screen. It seems almost like the start of a folk tale, not a music video.

With the lead singer Dellynn, taking the lead on camera time, viewers get a sense of her presence and her energy. She seems to believe in message of her song so intensely it becomes infectious. The complex layers of folk instruments and rich female vocal bring a wholeness to the song. The musicians illustrate their well-honed craft, focusing on their playing over camera candy, which maybe why some of the shots of the band without their instruments seems almost out of place within the song. While there are some fleeting moments where a camera shot do not ring true, the music is stunningly real and honest. Dream Chemistry certainly gives the viewer something to sing about. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

VOICES TO HEAR - Q&A Interview by John Holland

This is a fun little interview conducted by John Holland at A Voice to Hear.  I think we all got to know each other a little better during this interview . . .

Simply Six: Dream Chemistry

1. For many artists, they cite a defining moment for themselves when they knew they wanted to be a singer/musician.  For many it was the appearance of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, to another generation it was the Beatles’ appearance on Sullivan half a decade later.  Is there such a defining moment for you?


I knew I wanted to sing and write music as a child. There was no defining moment for me. I was raised in a musical family and always loved it.


My father owned several nightclubs in Dallas, TX when I was a child and I got to hang out there on nights that my mother worked late. I used to love watching the guitarist for Sami Jo Cole and knew I wanted to play like that some day. Sami Jo Cole went on to be quite successful with some Billboard top 100 hits. Ironically, I was hired to help arrange and play guitar for her on her final tour in 1994.


No. I grew into it from the age of 9 when I began the study of violin.


Yes, being asked to be a Roadie for one of (Badlands) Greg Chaisson's early bands.  That experience was a defining time in my life and I knew from then on that I wanted to start playing an instrument.


As a child in the mid 60's I remember listening to the Beatles and Elvis a lot.

2. When you’re not creating music what are you listening to?  Who are some of your favorites?


Muse, U2, Andrew Bird, Adele, Feist, Led Zeppelin, Billie Holiday


The first 3 Journey records with Steve Perry, All About Eve, Ritchie Blackmore, Acoustic Alchemy, Symphony X,  Muse, Queen, Pink Floyd, Gustav Mahler, Bach, Robert Fripp, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Live, and many more.


    Anoushka Shankar, Herbie Hancock, Stephen Grapelli, Tool, Bill Lazwell, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart.


    I like everything from Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch to Alison Krauss and Nickel Creek.


   I enjoy listening to various types of music. Luther Vandross is one of my favorite singers as well as  Barry White, Barry Manilow, and the Jackson 5.

3. What would you say is your greatest moment so far as an artist, either on record or live?


Writing my first song


My greatest moment live was playing in front of 35,000 people at the Tulsa Raceway.  It was a rush!

My greatest moment in the studio is a little harder to pinpoint but for now –let’s say, hearing the final mixes of Dream Chemistry-Images of White. It’s definitely in competition with the best and most unique sounding stuff I’ve ever recorded.


 I was playing violin to drums and chanting with much audience participation and I was able play directly from spirit.


I played a live performance at the State Fair with my son right before he turned three years old.

I love just playing in a great band and our accomplishments in publishing two CD's.
4.  Do you believe music can change the world or is just something to listen to? How much can music influence current events?

I absolutely believe music can change the world. Look at Michael Jackson’s death. People who never even met him were mourning his death all over the world. People would pass out in the Beatles presence. I believe music is a very powerful vehicle that can be used to influence people on a very large scale.


I believe that there are higher powers that ‘still’ delegate what gets pushed out there to the masses and what doesn’t. Until money no longer rules, the world isn’t going to change much.  I still have hope, though. I intend to keep putting positive energy into what I write and, hopefully, positive intent will beget positive results.


Music changes my world daily, and in that way I affect the world. In much the same way, be the change you want to see.


Music absolutely changes the world because the energy of the music creates an emotion in people.  And through that emotional state many decisions are made.  There are many ways in which music can cause change for people.


It may not change the world but it may bring peace and joy for people going thru hardships. 
5. How has technology affected the music industry?  How has technology affected  your career as a musician?

It has made it very easy to share your music all around the world without traveling there.


The first question has been answered by my band mates. As for the second - for me, personally, it has affected my career adversely. I had a lot more success before the internet. Though the steps may still be the same, I have had to relearn them in a new paradigm and I am still working on it.


It has allowed the advent of Karaoke Bars. I Love listening to Pandora. I am exposed daily to artists from all over the world. It is a daily inspiration for me.


Technology has affected the music industry by means of digital downloads and has allowed an explosion of independent artists to spring up. It has made it far easier to get music 'out there' via networks, but with the sheer volume of bands networking has made it more difficult to be heard.


I can’t really say.
6. Now for my Barbara Walters question:  If you were a pair of shoes what type of shoes would you be?

hmmmm... if I were a pair of shoes... I'd probably be 2 left feet!


A pair of leather high tops


A pair of 6" black, stiletto heels.


Well worn hunting boots.

   Blue Suede Shoes!! - Dream Chemistry's Eclectic Second Album Debuts December 2nd

  "Check these cats out, it's a rock-etheric amalgamation of acoustic influence. 
Subtle, almost subconscious, hues of eclecticism, pulses within the aural undercurrents. Song bird plenteous vocals, musically & harmonically rich instrumentation, that still is able to project a musical maturity via the inveterate use of expansively open, sonic real estate... You'll dig it!"  ~ Zeno Sonik
With the December 2nd release of Dream Chemistry's second studio album, Images of White, the band further refines the blend of progressive folk rock and jazzy gospel that helped its self-titled debut album garner an international following.

New to Dream Chemistry's line-up is singer Dellynn, whose luminous vocals are a powerful accompaniment to the band's spiritual and often Celtic vibe. Dellynn joins Jimmy Caterine, the former guitarist of Sacred Rite (Capitol Records), and bassist Neal Harris. With violinist Michael Mulryan and percussionist Tito Valentin rounding out the quintet, Dream Chemistry's organic fusion of musical genres stands as a soothing anecdote to a hectic world.

Images of White is punctuated with an instrumental precision that is the hallmark of Dream Chemistry's sound. From the blue-grass flavored "Ride Me a River" to the instrumental "Three Legged Horse," the album's 11 tracks create a "hypnotic and soothing statement," according to Caterine.

The Wind, the first video from the new CD was released on September 25th. Public reception of the video, which can be viewed at and on YouTube, has exceeded Dream Chemistry's expectations. "We've been overwhelmed by the amount of traction the video has received," Harris said. "It's a great feeling when so many people enjoy your work."

Caterine and Harris founded Dream Chemistry in 2007 with the hopes of raising funds for various charitable causes. Though both musicians spent their formative years on the metal circuit, they approached Dream Chemistry as an opportunity to express a more nuanced sound, one that reflected their growth both musically and spiritually.

Images of White represents the next step in the evolution of that sound, according to Caterine. He believes the new album is a "rebirth of the band, not only in terms of musicianship but direction."
Dream Chemistry, IMAGES OF WHITE is now available at,,, iTunes & most other places where independent music is sold.


Jimmy Caterine (guitar, vocals) is most noted as founder, guitarist and co-writer for 80's rock quartet Sacred Rite (Capitol Records.) He has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Sonny Limbo (Bertie Higgins, Sami Jo Cole) and publishing coordinator Randall Wixen (Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown.) He played with the live stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1987 and he was also the guitarist for MGM recording artist and powerhouse vocalist Sami Jo Cole in 1994.

Neal Harris (bass, mountain dulcimer) recorded with The Investigators featuring folk singer Mark Wilson and, world-renowned drummer, Grammy Award winner, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hal Blaine (Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Carpenters, and the Beach Boys.)

Michael Mulryan (violin, percussion, vocals) studied under the direction of Hugo Rinaldi and later Roy Milan (concertmaster of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.) He also attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music on a four-year scholarship.

Dellynn (lead vocals) has led music for youth groups, which includes arranging special music and teaching the youth choir. She also, composed and performed a song for the indie film, Collapse, produced by Bivas Biswas.

Tito Valentin (cajon, shakers, vocals and other percussion) spent most of his life as a professional DJ. His love for playing percussion instruments led him to audition for Dream Chemistry. - Dream Chemistry's Eclectic Second Album Debuts December 2nd

Phoenix, Arizona-November 29, 2011